The prince and the warrior (memories of my naked days part 2)

So… after spending the month of July in Barcelona I went back to the Alpujarras as soon as possible. Barcelona, the city I used to love has become a place where I don’t feel at ease and that makes me edgy and nervous all the time.
So I went back to the mountains behind Granada, where the Sierra Nevada is, where I feel good, free and carefree.

This time I went to visit and help Uri, a very nice and friendly guy from Israel that bought himself a wonderful house tucked 20 minutes drive away from the closer village (Alcùtar) where he lives with his two dogs – Licky, the prince and Chu Chu, the warrior.
They are the sweetest and friendliest dogs I’ve ever know, super nice and constantly hungry for cuddles.
I met Uri at the bar near the bus station where he was having a beer with his friend Andrew, a British expat that has been working as a cook for the last 8 years in a restaurant in the area (that I didn’t manage to visit).

At Uri’s place I felt immediately at home. The house is magnificent, the dogs are uber-friendly and the view is breathtaking. I had a big room for myself that opened to a back terrace where I had my morning yoga everyday watching the sun coming put from behind the mountains in front of me. The soundtrack for my yoga sessions was the birds singing and the crickets chirping in the fields surrounding the property. Uri’s land is not as vast as Ian’s but there’s still a lot of space and a lot of fruit trees and a small vegetable garden from where we had our lettuce and tomatoes.

Moreover on the fourth day Uri’s introduced me to his neighbors Anne and David that have a swimming pool. Nothing to play the Olympic Games in but big and fresh enough for me to take my daily swim (most of the times even twice a day).
In these villages life is easier and more relaxed, the pace is slower and people are friendlier. In a way it reminded me of Asia where people still talk to each other, where you visit friends in person and not over Skype or the likes and where there is still trust and the will to share time.

Uri and I spent our days “in the buff” taking care of the house, the garden and the dogs and the feeling of freedom was absolute. I really felt I was in Paradise. Uri is a really cool and laid back guy, very open to suggestions and to try new things. He left me a lot of freedom to do what I liked (as long as it was useful to the household – like refurbishing old furniture) and also let me cook. Once he also invited his Spanish class friends to the house and let me cook for them. And I can tell the lunch was a success!

My naked days in the Alpujarras will remain within my heart forever. My time spent with Licky – the prince – and Chu Chu – the warrior – were as good as it can be. I realized that that is what I want for me. Live in the country side, surrounded by nature and animals. I’m so grateful to Uri to give me this opportunity and I will never forget my time spent at “Luz y Paz”.


Orgiva and the “lucky cow”

In reality there is no lucky cow but just a lot of goats.

OK I start from the beginning. I arrived in Orgiva and at the bus station I met Ian my host. He’s a man from Ireland early retired that decided to buy a “cortijo” on the mountains and make it his new home. I wasn’t still feeling very well and at this point I was a little worried so I asked Ian to take me to the local ER to get checked before going “home”. The doctor said I was OK, nothing to worry about he gave me something in case I started vomiting and told me to eat light for a couple of days and that if I wasn’t feeling well in three days to go back to see him.

So a little reassured I went to the house with Ian. From Orgiva his place is about 5 minutes drive and as I arrived there I fell in love with the place.

It is a small but comfortable house built some 20 years ago and a lot of land all around. It’s isolated enough bit not too far from other houses or from the village itself (by foot is 25 minutes). As I arrived I met Toby, this big blond and friendly boy from Sweden. The three of us had a very good connection instantly and we got to know each other a bit more.

Ian’s place is clothing optional, Ian loves to be “in the buff” and since no one can really see unless they come to the house, the cortijo is a perfect place to live in a naturist lifestyle.

The place is called “Suerte Vaca” that translated could be something like “luck is a bitch” (vaca really means cow but anyways…) but we discovered that “suerte” in Spanish also means a piece of land so in reality the place is called “land of cows” even though now there are just goats roaming around the house. All around the house there is land and plenty of trees, mostly olive but also other fruit trees and a lot of bamboo. So Toby and I had to clean the irrigation system (asequias), cut the grass and prune the trees and all sorts of jobs that are needed in a rural place. I felt like I was in a playground!!!

A couple of days after my arrival Iris from Germany joined the team. Beautiful and outgoing person we had an instant connection. She never tried the naturist lifestyle and wanted to see what it was. The second day she took off her clothes and after that it was hard to see her wearing something!!!!

So the four of us have been working on the land and on the house itself making some small jobs. The atmosphere was amazing. No cars around, no artificial lights outside, no noise apart from the birds, the insects and the river a little far below. It was heaven for me. On Thursdays we went to the market to buy some vegetables and we love cooking together or taking turns. We were just like a small family.

Then a few days later Toby had to leave to go back home and George from the UK took his place. In the morning we worked a few hours and then some more in the afternoon after lunch and a siesta. It started to get hot and it was sometimes hard to work. So after work in the afternoon we used to go to the river and bathe in the fresh running water. It was a bliss.

Unfortunately after three weeks I had to leave as I was to attend a three days yoga retreat. Fantastic experience, but that’s another story.